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All Things Road Trip

Road trips are now the most popular form of travel (don’t ask me for a reference, that’s just opinion) and we wanted to share a few ideas for entertainment and general tips for hitting the road. Also included are packing and planning lists.

Holding onto the Memories

We have such a great time on our adventures but if there’s no record of it, the memories sadly fade quicker than we’d like. This blog post provides 6 suggestions on how to commemorate your happy times.

That Last Day of Vacation

Do you ease back into the grind or go zero to 60? It might be a different decision for various trips. We discuss the benefits and downsides to both options.

Packing List for Two Weeks – Summer Season

Step 1: Lay it all on the bed, Step 2: Roll it all up and hope it fits, Step 3: Profit. Read this post to see the list of items we packed for a two week vacation.

Cutting in Line

Trusted Traveler Programs TSA Pre-check, Global Entry, Clear The links above will direct you to the main pages for their program. We wanted to discuss the benefits, the things not so beneficial (if we can think of anything), and the process we went through to get our Global Entry. Initial point. It’s wonderful. Who doesn’tContinue reading “Cutting in Line”

Tim’s Tips To Traveling

(they call me Alliteration Tim) 1. If you can spare the money…check your bag. I have found that there is less hassle in the airports if you keep to just your small personal bag, and not have to lug around a larger one, even if it has wheels. 2. ALWAYS carry TUMS, or some otherContinue reading “Tim’s Tips To Traveling”


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Travel Topics

This page will host our content that pertains to extended trips and traveling to new cities.

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