Planting Those Date Night Seeds

Looking for a fun date night idea? Have we got a suggestion for you! Have an at-home date night by brainstorming and dreaming up other date nights you want to do with your partner.

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Organizing – What’s great about it: Organizing helps reduce stress, makes you feel better, gives you a fresh feeling, creates lasting results, and it’s a way to bond with your partner. Make it a priority — it’ll be worth it. How the big O impacts our relationship: It brings us together and we are workingContinue reading “So Fresh and So Clean, Clean”

Cutting in Line

Trusted Traveler Programs TSA Pre-check, Global Entry, Clear The links above will direct you to the main pages for their program. We wanted to discuss the benefits, the things not so beneficial (if we can think of anything), and the process we went through to get our Global Entry. Initial point. It’s wonderful. Who doesn’tContinue reading “Cutting in Line”