Holding onto the Memories

“If there’s no picture, it didn’t happen.”

We’re finding this to be true, not because others won’t believe us (as the origin of that saying suggests), but because of our lack of remembering abilities. We have such a great time on our adventures but if there’s no record of it, the memories sadly fade quicker than we’d like. This blog post provides 6 suggestions on how to commemorate your happy times. We’d love to hear your suggestions too!

1. Travel Journal

We cannot encourage you enough to start or keep up with your travel journal. This is a great way to come together and relive your trips — in the writing of the journal and in the re-reading of it. We have been writing in ours since our first trip together (a overnight stay in a town 60 miles away from where we lived). Sometimes we write it while we’re on the trip, other times we fall a few trips behind and catchup during a free night. We have also been known to gift a travel journal or two. The vlog below goes into more detail.

Bringing the Blog to Life with a Vlog – Married Explorers TK

2. Scrapbook

Hold onto the museum and theater tickets, the entry wristbands, the brochures, the wedding name cards, stickers, and other items that commemorate something special you saw or experienced. Kara puts these into a scrapbook, but you could also put them in a keepsake box or frame. This helps us remember specifics, like companies, dates, cost, etc.

3. Drawings

Have you ever been in a moment you wish you could relive at a later date? Taking some time to appreciate the moment, be in the moment, and then sketching the moment, helps capture that feeling. This suggestion exercises the right side of your brain and gives you a one of a kind keepsake of that moment.

4. Trinkets

Yes, some of these are very touristy, some of these were free, some of these are broken and glued back together, but all of them have a special memory attached to them. We picked each trinket for a special reason, and seeing it, brings a smile to our faces as we are transported back to that adventure.

5. Photos

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” We know it’s cliche, but it’s true. In the past, we have cemented our photos in books, collages, and even coasters! We have used Shutterfly more often than we care to admit, but they are great! We haven’t tried this trend…yet, but we have also seen some excellent video montages highlighting travels.

6. Maps

Everywhere we go, we make sure to grab a map! Often time these are free and we find them at our accommodations, other times we pop into a local bookstore to find one. On a rare occasion we print one out. Maps are a great way to remember your routes and plans during your trip (even better with your handwritten notes made during the trip)! As a bonus, they also make a budget friendly decor option when put into a cheap frame.

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